Pre-order ini tertutup untuk orang-orang yang dikenal aja yah~ :)

open till 30 MAY 2012, ETA mid JUNE 2012. EVERYTHING will be HAND CARRIED by me.

price calculation (to IDR):
<25EUR: price * 14500
25-49.99EUR: price * 14000
>50EUR: price * 13500
min price: 25000IDR
glass packaging and 1.1-2oz size (nail polish, foundation, etc): (price + 2) * 14500/14000/13500
liquid more than 2 oz price by quote


handbag, shoes, etc
<100EUR: price * 14000/14500 (if heavy)
>100EUR: price * 13500/14000 (if heavy)
-for expensive stuff, please make a 30-50% down payment (will be returned 100% if can't find the item)-
for bag, you will recieve the receipt and original dustbag (if any).

small acc:
(same calculation with beauty, if heavy +2)

I don't accept clothing items sorry :)

confirmation by e-mail. if you know me, you should know my e-mail (or be able to ask by bbm/text)

thank you :)