Thursday, 2 June 2011


I haven't sketch for quite a while..
finally decided to save up some money to start my own bussiness, not going to open any time soon, the budget's kinda big so it's gonna take some time for me to save up enough money.. (and now I'm going shopping on palettes like craaaazy.. I actually ordered 4 palettes! *head bang*)
The brand's name gonna be:
Still not the final design tho, just the main idea..
and here's some of my designs.
btw, these sketch are MINE and therefore, no repost, printing, or use of these pictures withour my consent. failure to do so and I will hunt you down. yes, I hate copycats or cheaters or those kind of scumbags. grrrr
hahaha, that being said, here it goes
please to post comments if you like or hate the designs.. :) TIA

JOTD: boho skirt

yosh! after rummaging through my walk-in closet I decided I want to try to alter one of my unused boho skirt.. I only got this recently, but never used it once.. lol
and by 'altering' it I don't mean I'll cut it or anything like that, I'll just try to find a way to use it as hijab..

this is the skirt
and this is me, wearing it, it's super easy btw.. I'll post a tutorial in the future~ :3
pic spam.. ignore the doodling lol

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

FOTD: high school graduation

Last week I helped my boyfie's sister for her graduation, I did her make-up and her hijab, actually this is the first time I styled a hijab for formal occation >.<
Since she rarely (may be almost never) wears make-up I decided to keep it light and simple, she's still 16 after all..
She was gonna wear a dusty pink kebaya encim (mine actually) with a batik skirt, so i made her make up a simple pink with a little purply wing eyeshadow, didn't use any false eyelashes too, thought it was gonna make face look too heavy.. and natural lippen and pink blusk, it was a really simple look but I was kinda happy with the result :)

thankfully her skin color's similar with mine.. hehe~ it wasn't anything over the top with her eyes, but I'mreally happy with how neat teh eyeliner was
liquid eyeliner is really amaaaayziiing~

L'oreal White Perfect Liquid Foundation in #nude beige
The Skin Food Black Egg Foundation in #2
NYX stick concealer

Wardah trio eyeshadow (pink)
Wardah trio eyeshadow (brown)
Manly Eyeshadow Palette (i used the purple e/s)
Bourjouis Liner Pinceau Liquid Eyeliner in #Noir
Maybelinne Volum' Express Mascara

TBS Blush (forgot the shade)

Wardah Exclusive Lipstick in #Rosemary

maxi moment

Been away for quite long, this time, gonna post lots of maxi dress pict!
Beware, pic spam~ hahaha
Been researching for the perfect dress since I'm planning to make one, but they're all so cute I just can't decice.. xD
btw, all the pics belongs to thier respected owners, I don't own them.. :)

they're all so pretty and modest and hijab friendly right?
hole it'll help you if you're looking for ideas too~ :)
thats it for now :)
will post more pics, specialy when I finally decide which one I'll made.. :D