Thursday, 2 June 2011


I haven't sketch for quite a while..
finally decided to save up some money to start my own bussiness, not going to open any time soon, the budget's kinda big so it's gonna take some time for me to save up enough money.. (and now I'm going shopping on palettes like craaaazy.. I actually ordered 4 palettes! *head bang*)
The brand's name gonna be:
Still not the final design tho, just the main idea..
and here's some of my designs.
btw, these sketch are MINE and therefore, no repost, printing, or use of these pictures withour my consent. failure to do so and I will hunt you down. yes, I hate copycats or cheaters or those kind of scumbags. grrrr
hahaha, that being said, here it goes
please to post comments if you like or hate the designs.. :) TIA

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  1. waaw riv kereen *baru nemu blognya*
    udah mulai belum bisnisnyaa?
    request buat yg big size (tp tetep murah ya) hihi