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German: Where To Get Reviews and Swatches
(mostly nail polish)


(no price on the web, please google or give me max price you want)



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Link(they don't put the price in the web, so you'll have to google it and send me the reference)


a low-end German brand with amazing quality!

these are copied from:

Catrice new products november


25% longer lashes within one month? The effect of this product has been proven!

CATRICE Lash Plus Lash Growth Volume Mascara

Ultimate lashes with the Lash Growth Volume Mascara! The unique formula with active ingredients stimulates the lash growth and gives the lashes length and shine. Price: 4.99 eur

CATRICE Lash Plus Intensive Lash Growth Serum

An absolute must-have for long, expressive lashes. The Lash Growth Serum remains active all day and night. Apply the transparent product like you would apply eyeliner on your lash line, to active the growth of your lashes. Price: 4.99 eur.

Catrice new products november

CATRICE Better than Waterproof Mascara

This mascara is 100% water resistant. Gives immediate volume and is easy to remove by applying warm water. Price: 4,99 eur.

CATRICE Lashes to Kill Mascara

Guarantees breathtaking volume, sensational length and unique, amazing lashes. CATRICE Lashes to Kill Mascara is the secret weapon for that irresistibly stunning look! Price: 3.99 eur.

Catrice new products november

CATRICE Absolute Colour Mono Eye Shadow

Absolute color, absolute sustainability and absolute coverage in 32 trendy colors. The inspiration: the internation trends of the runway. The look: From sexy glamour to cool understatement. The effects: from matte to shine and from metallic to satin. Price: 2.79 eur.

Catrice new products november

CATRICE Absolute Colour Duo Eye Shadow

A variation of effects and expressive trendy color combinations in eight Duo Eye Shadows. Perfect to apply, thanks to a soft and silky texture. Easy to create professional looks with subtle blending. Price: 3.97 eur.

Catrice new products november
Catrice new products november
Catrice new products november

CATRICE Smokey Eyes Set

Mysterious, smokey and ideal to create the perfect smokey eyes. Four matching colors and a professional applicator wand guarantee that casual-elegant look. Available in three color combinations. Price: 4.49 eur each.

Catrice new products november

CATRICE Eye Brow Set

The perfect set for beautifully shaped eyebrows. This kit contains tweezers, brushes and mirros and two eyebrow powders voor light and dark eye brows. Versatile, practical and elegant. Price: 3.99.

Catrice new products november

CATRICE Sharpener

2in1: the CATRICE Sharpener let's you sharpen small and big pencils. Available in black-white and white-black. Price: 1.29 eur.

Catrice new products november

CATRICE Long Lasting Eye Liner Pen

The Long Lasting Eye Liner Pen makes you happy! The easy to use rotating system makes sure the pen is always ready to use. Major plusses for fun and easy application are also the creamy texture and durability. Mix & Match? Available in three new trendy fall colors. Price: 1,99 each.

Catrice new products november

CATRICE Lip Appeal Moisture & Shine Lip Gloss

More shine and volume: transform your lips in to absolute eye catchers! Lip Appeal Lipgloss comes with a soft vanilla scent, a flexible, but precise applicator, a moisturizing formula, extraordinary gloss and an exclusive design. Available in ten brilliant colors. Price: 3.79 eur each.

Catrice new products november

CATRICE Colour Show Colour & Stay Lip Gloss

Long lasting, astounding, fashionable! Colour Show Gloss holds up to four hours and has a fascinating shine and an intense color. An irresistible fruity scent, a fine soft texture, a flexible, but precise, applicator: for beautiful lips in only seconds, what else could you wish for? Available in ten trendy colors perfect for this season. Price: 3.97 eur each.

Catrice new products november
Catrice new products november

CATRICE Multi Colour Compact Powder

For the perfect finish. The new Graffiti technology, makes no room for visible impurities. Five perfect combined nuances for the perfect teint. Matte and smooth, natural and fresh. Available for the light and dark skin. Price: 4.49 eur.

Catrice new products november

CATRICE Powder Brush

A well kept secret: to create the perfect color, like make up artists do, you need the right brush! Picks up the right amount of powder and distributes evenly. The full brush comes in a handy, compact shape. The hairs are made of rayon. Price: 4.49 eur.

CATRICE Blush Brush

Subtle accentuated cheekbones are incredibly sexy! The supple CATRICE Blush Brush is a perfect match for your daily beauty ritual and a naturally looking look. You won't be able to go without this soft brush that applies blush so easily. Available in a handy container with ziplock. Price: 3.99 eur.

CATRICE Eye Shadow Sponge Applicators

Everybody needs at least one or two of these for an irresistible eye look: Sponge Applicators. The set contains three flexible, oval sponge applicatiors, to ensure the most elegant eyeshadow variations in no-time! Available in a handy container with ziplock. Price: 1.99 eur

CATRICE Eye Shadow Brush Applicator

Whether you use loose or compact eyeshadow, they're all easy to apply with this multi talent: the Professional CATRICE eyeshadow brush. With a soft round edge. Available in a handy container with ziplock. Price: 2.29 eur.

Catrice new products november

CATRICE Ultimate Nail Laquer

The 32 core colors are ultimate! But there are more colors from CATRICE. Your nails are this season the ultimate fashion accessory! This is the absolute favorite with intense color, perfect shine and coverage for at least up to seven days with one handy application. The innovative brush offers professional quality. Available in three new seasonal colors. Price: 2.49 each.

CATRICE Matt Top Coat

3, 2, 1, matte! This brand new Matt Top Coat by CATRICE gives shiny nail polish a fashionable matte finish. Apply this top coat on dry polish, wait a few seconds and witness how every nail polish gets that hip look! Price: 1.99 eur.

thanks for reading~ will be waiting for your pre-order :)

Pre-Order Make-up and Fashion from German, Italy, and France

Pre-order ini tertutup untuk orang-orang yang dikenal aja yah~ :)

open till 30 MAY 2012, ETA mid JUNE 2012. EVERYTHING will be HAND CARRIED by me.

price calculation (to IDR):
<25EUR: price * 14500
25-49.99EUR: price * 14000
>50EUR: price * 13500
min price: 25000IDR
glass packaging and 1.1-2oz size (nail polish, foundation, etc): (price + 2) * 14500/14000/13500
liquid more than 2 oz price by quote


handbag, shoes, etc
<100EUR: price * 14000/14500 (if heavy)
>100EUR: price * 13500/14000 (if heavy)
-for expensive stuff, please make a 30-50% down payment (will be returned 100% if can't find the item)-
for bag, you will recieve the receipt and original dustbag (if any).

small acc:
(same calculation with beauty, if heavy +2)

I don't accept clothing items sorry :)

confirmation by e-mail. if you know me, you should know my e-mail (or be able to ask by bbm/text)

thank you :)

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Cominica giveaway

hi all,
well as you can see on the title, a firend of mine is doing a giveaway.. there's some lashes, make up and skincare samples and supeer cute ribbon headdress :3
you can read more about it here
source: cominica
cute right?
all you gus have to do is sunscribe to her blog, like her facebook fan page, post about her giveaway, etc (you don't have to do it all, but more points means more chance of winning :D)
good luck girls~ :3

btw, i'm planning my own giveaway soon, stay tuned~ ^^

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Review: Sephora Color Palette

Hulaa~ I'm back again with another make-up review. (Just realized.. Haven't done any hijab style post lately.. I'll make that my next post then ^^ ) This time, it Sephora Color Pallete. Actually I wanted to get the Color Play but it was oos and I really need a new palette, since my Manly palette RIP already.. :'(
So, this palette got 32 eyeshadows, 3 blushes, 1 bronzer, and 16 lippies. Quite a lot huh? (Again, since this is mobile post the pictures will be down there, so bare me a while k? :D )
I forgot the price, it was on sale about $19 I guess, actual price was around $30.. Check sephora website for the accurate price. So it was quite a steal! :)
As for the quality, it's actually pretty damn great! The shadows are pigmented, long lasting (at least 6 hours with primers, I haven't tried it longer than that), and enough choice for all the occasions. It got the pinks, the greens, the blues, the browns, the golds, the purples, etc! Sounds like the perfect palette? There's a but though.. Almost all of them are shimmery. Only 3 are actually matte. 1 green (3rd row, 5th from left), and 2 browns (3rd and 4th row, both 3rd from left). Not a bad thing if you're a shimmer kinda girl tho.. And there aren't any real matte black. Which is kinda crucial for me, I love black ayeshadow.. Haha. Owh, no real white too~ no yellow (there's gold though), and no RED! There's 1 red, but it got gold shimmer, pretty color, still not red. :'(
Move on to blushes and bronzer, there's 3 of them. Light pink, peach, and fuschia, decent color with decent pigmentation. Very soft natural looking blushes tho, even the fuschia still not BOLD enough.. And the pan's kinda small, making it quite hard to swipe your blush brush without touching other colors. The bronzer's shimmery, matches fair colored skin, don't think it'll show up on tanned skin.
The lippies, unexpectedly, are pretty nice. Some of them are pigmented enough to cover my lip, though I haven't tried all of them.. (Some of those I have aren't so nice tho) mostly pinks and browns, some reds. Will try them next but I have real lippens (like most people do) so don't really think it matters.. hahaha xD
One last think, it's DISCONTINUED already. Yes you hear me., although I just got this couple weeks ago, it's Limiter Edition, and Sephora changes her palette real fast!

Pro: great quality, enough choices for all your needs, I like simple black packaging~ :)
Cons: it's discontinued :( not enough matte colors, and some standard colors aren't there.
I give this 8/10 :)

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