Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Review: Sephora Color Palette

Hulaa~ I'm back again with another make-up review. (Just realized.. Haven't done any hijab style post lately.. I'll make that my next post then ^^ ) This time, it Sephora Color Pallete. Actually I wanted to get the Color Play but it was oos and I really need a new palette, since my Manly palette RIP already.. :'(
So, this palette got 32 eyeshadows, 3 blushes, 1 bronzer, and 16 lippies. Quite a lot huh? (Again, since this is mobile post the pictures will be down there, so bare me a while k? :D )
I forgot the price, it was on sale about $19 I guess, actual price was around $30.. Check sephora website for the accurate price. So it was quite a steal! :)
As for the quality, it's actually pretty damn great! The shadows are pigmented, long lasting (at least 6 hours with primers, I haven't tried it longer than that), and enough choice for all the occasions. It got the pinks, the greens, the blues, the browns, the golds, the purples, etc! Sounds like the perfect palette? There's a but though.. Almost all of them are shimmery. Only 3 are actually matte. 1 green (3rd row, 5th from left), and 2 browns (3rd and 4th row, both 3rd from left). Not a bad thing if you're a shimmer kinda girl tho.. And there aren't any real matte black. Which is kinda crucial for me, I love black ayeshadow.. Haha. Owh, no real white too~ no yellow (there's gold though), and no RED! There's 1 red, but it got gold shimmer, pretty color, still not red. :'(
Move on to blushes and bronzer, there's 3 of them. Light pink, peach, and fuschia, decent color with decent pigmentation. Very soft natural looking blushes tho, even the fuschia still not BOLD enough.. And the pan's kinda small, making it quite hard to swipe your blush brush without touching other colors. The bronzer's shimmery, matches fair colored skin, don't think it'll show up on tanned skin.
The lippies, unexpectedly, are pretty nice. Some of them are pigmented enough to cover my lip, though I haven't tried all of them.. (Some of those I have aren't so nice tho) mostly pinks and browns, some reds. Will try them next but I have real lippens (like most people do) so don't really think it matters.. hahaha xD
One last think, it's DISCONTINUED already. Yes you hear me., although I just got this couple weeks ago, it's Limiter Edition, and Sephora changes her palette real fast!

Pro: great quality, enough choices for all your needs, I like simple black packaging~ :)
Cons: it's discontinued :( not enough matte colors, and some standard colors aren't there.
I give this 8/10 :)

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